DE Andrews Fuels work to the highest standard. With Service, price and reliability. Twice a year all our drivers go through a Health and Safety test and they hold an ADR and CPC license. All our drivers are fully insured to enter your property.

All our vehicles undergo a safety check 7 times a year to keep them up to the highest safety standard so nothing is ever left to chance, safety is the key for our clients and our staff. 

Trading Standards

All our meters are calibrated with trading standards meaning you are safe in the knowledge that you get every litre you paid for.

About our Heating oil

Across Northern Ireland, oil is a primary fuel source for commercial and domestic heating systems. Historically heating oil systems have been used in rural and agricultural areas where gas networks were absent, however, even with the introduction of gas supplies to these areas, many establishments retain their oil-based heating systems.

Where does it come from?

Heating oil is a product obtained from crude oil through a process called fractional distillation. Crude oil is heated and separated at different temperatures to produce different products that are used around the world every day; from bitumen (used to tarmac roads) to fuels including the same heating oil used to heat your home.

Heating oil systems

Heating oil systems work in the following way:

Oil is stored in a tank (either above ground or on a subterranean level)
The tank is connected to a boiler
Oil is pumped into the boiler through a dedicated pipeline where it combusts in order to heat a separate water supply
The heated water is pumped from the boiler around a property through a connected pipe and radiator system. Heating oil is an incredibly efficient fuel – this means you get an excellent return for every unit of energy used.

Supply and delivery

Heating oil is delivered to individual properties by our road-based supply tankers – when a property requires additional fuel, a request is made to us and the delivery is made.

This method of delivery has the advantage over gas and electric heating systems in that large quantities of oil can be ordered whilst demand is low usually during summer and stored until it is needed. This can be a great way to save money as off-peak seasons will usually coincide with a reduction in oil prices. We find that many customers who plan ahead can make some really great savings on their annual energy bill.